When gaining Full Planning Approval, sometimes the Local Authority will grant the approval with Planning Conditions applied to the approved application.

Planning Conditions are applied to control and limit a planning approval to ensure that the proposal do not prejudice the neighbouring community.


For example:

  • Limiting the trading hours for the site
  • Requiring the carrying out of further works

If you want to vary or remove the approved conditions the following information will need to be submitted to the Local Authority for approval:

  • Completed application form
  • A Planning Statement
  • Scaled drawings and site plan of the proposal property/site
  • Certificates of ownership
  • Agricultural holdings certificate
  • The correct planning fees

Be warned, a full assessment of your proposals should be carried out prior to the application being submitted. Without a proper assessment, a poorly prepared application submission pack can lead to costly delays in acquiring the correct approval.


Once you appoint UK Surveyors you have the peace of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring your application and we will be working with you and the local authority to get you the approval you require.

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