From time to time, we decide to make alterations to our homes where we will require Planning and Building Regulations approval.


Planning is usually applied for by means of existing and proposed drawing and the relevant forms being submitted to the Local Authority.


Planning permission is not required for all projects, some major works can be carried out under ‘Permitted Development Rights’, these allow for a large variety of works to be carried out without the requirement of Full Planning Approval.


For more information regarding Permitted Development Rights, please feel free to contact our office one of our team of professionals will advise you on the options available.


Because the law relating to planning matters is complicated you invariably need a professional adviser to guide you through the process.


Every planning application is different and comes with its own challenges, UK Surveyors will sit down with you and discuss your proposals in depth and arrange for the correct submissions to be made.


The most common works carried out on residential properties that require planning permission include:

  • Extension
  • Loft conversions
  • New build properties
  • Garage conversions

In addition:

  • Works to any building that is a Listed Building will require Listed Building Approval prior to the works being undertaken

UK Surveyors will:

  • Advise if you require Full Planning Approval or if you can extend your property under Permitted Development Rights, thus, avoiding the planning process
  • Design your extension ensuring that you have workable living spaces that are in keeping with your existing property
  • Advise on the type of construction available
  • Give you a designated point of contact who will keep you updated on the progress of your applications
  • Manage your applications with the Local Authority as your planning agent updating you on a regular basis on the progress and any communications

Be warned, a full assessment of your proposals should be carried out prior to the application being submitted. Without a proper assessment a poorly prepared planning application submission pack can lead to costly delays in acquiring the correct approval.


Once you appoint UK Surveyors you have the peace of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring your application and we will be working with you and the local authority to get you the approval you require.

Why not see if we can help you with your next project?

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