Premises Licensing Plans

Premises Licensing Plans

Since the Licensing Act 2003 came into force in November 2005, a new system of Premises Licensing was set up this was to be enforced by the Local Authority, rather than the Court.


If you intend to sell alcohol, late night refreshment or provide licensable activities from a particular venue then a premises licence will be required.


Licensable Activities Include:

  • Selling alcohol
  • Serving hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am
  • Theatrical performance
  • Showing of film/movies
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Boxing or wrestling, both indoor and outdoor
  • Live and recorded music
  • Dancing facilities

All new Premises Licence Applications must be accompanied by a scaled Premises Licence Plan.


All drawings prepared and supplied by UK Surveyors Ltd are fully compliant with the submission requirements as required by the Licensing Act 2003


UK Surveyors work with the leading Premises Licensing companies throughout England and Wales, if you require a full Premises License Application, please call for more information. 

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