Commercial Planning & Building Regulations

Planning permission is not needed to change the use of a property when the current use and the proposed use are within the same Use Class.


Changing the Use Class of a property from one Use Class to another may not always require planning approval, these are considered as ‘Permitted Developments’, these are allowed to change Use Class without planning approval as long as prior approval from the local authority is sort first.


For more information regarding these allowed changes please feel free to down load

our free fact sheet “Permitted Developments Within Use Classes” at the bottom of this page.


The most common works carried out on commercial premises that require planning permission include:

  • Change of the properties Use Class
  • Enlargement of a commercial property
  • Installation of a new shop front and or new roller shutter
  • Installation of new commercial signage (advertising consent)
  • Variation of Condition to extend the trading hours of a property
  • External seating and dining areas
  • Conversion of the existing retail space into a self-contained and separate use area (subdivision)

In addition:

  • Works to any building that is a Listed Building will require Listed Building Approval prior to the works being undertaken 

UK Surveyors will:

  • Advise if you require Full Planning Approval, advise on the feasibility of your proposals
  • Design the internal or external floor space ensuring that you have workable areas
  • Advise on the types and methods of construction available
  • Give you a designated point of contact who will keep you updated on the progress of your applications
  • Manage your applications with the Local Authority as your planning agent updating you on a regular basis on the progress and any communications

Be warned, a full assessment of your proposals should be carried out prior to the application being submitted, a poorly prepared application submission pack can lead to costly delays in acquiring the correct approval.


Once you appoint UK Surveyors you have the peace of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring your application and we will be working with you and the local authority to get you the approval you require.

Permitted Developments Within Use Classes
Permitted Development Change of Use Clas
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