Building Surveying

Commercial & Residential Building Surveys

If you are considering purchasing or leasing a public house or residential property, it's vital that you know the scale of the liability involved with the property prior to entering into any agreements.


By commissioning a UK Surveyors Building Survey you can help minimise any risks and costs due to expensive repair works.


Our specialist surveying team have over 40 years knowledge of the construction industry, we are always willing discuss your requirements before visiting the property and will be pleased to discuss any details arising once the inspection has been completed.


Upon receipt of your complete Building Survey Report, you will find a section which is named as the ‘Surveyors Overall Opinion’ this is a qualitative summary of all relevant information which our Senior Surveyor would like to draw your attention to.


Our Senior Surveyor who carried out the survey is always more than happy to discuss the survey with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Public House Building Surveys

When you have a copy of the lease agreement, you will see that there are a number of clauses within it that will need to be adhered to. These clauses will include maintenance, repairs and the redecoration of the property.


These clauses are very important as they can cost you a lot of money!


As a tenant, usually, you will be responsible for all of the internal and external decorations within a set period of time; also, you may find that you are responsible for some or all of the repair works to the property.


The Key Benefit of a UK Surveyors Building Survey is that once complete, the survey can be used by the client to negotiate the lease offering the client added peace of mind.

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