Premises Licence Floor Plans

Premises Licensing Plans from UK Surveyors in Staffordshire, Birmingham, London and the UK

At UK Surveyors, we offer a fast and cost-effective service and can provide you with a fully compliant and good quality floor and fire zone plan that meet all requirements of the licence application.


What is a Premises Licence Floor Plan?

Under the Licensing Act 2003, all premises serving or selling alcohol or providing entertainment are required to submit a Premises Licence Application.

UK Premises Licence Applications must be accompanied by a scaled Premises Licence Floor Plan & Fire Zone Plan. A premises licencing plan is a scale drawing that includes all the required details for your premises and needs to be submitted alongside with your application.

Activities requiring a Premises Licence include:

  • The sale by retail of alcohol or supply of alcohol in a club
  • The provision of entertainment
  • The provision of late-night refreshment
  • Performance of a play or dance
  • An exhibition of films
  • Indoor sporting event
  • Boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • Live music events or any playing of recorded music

How can UK Surveyors help with your Premises Licence Floor Plan?

Our fully qualified and trained Surveyors will visit your site to accurately record all of the relevant information required under the Licensing Act 2003, at a day and time that work for you.

Here at UK Surveyors Ltd we use the latest 3D digital cameras to carry out Measured Surveys for the production of all of our Premises Licence Plans and Fire Zone Plans. This makes the process more efficient, more accurate and more cost effective for all our clients.

We are able to complete all Measured Surveys in a fraction of the time than using the traditional laser measuring methods. After the site visit all floor plans drawings are completed within 5 working days and you will be supplied with either a paper hard copy or a plan in pdf format.

What does the Premises Licence Plan include?

  • The boundary of the building.
  • Points of access and exit from the premises
  • Escape routes from the premises.
  • In a case where the premises is used for more than one existing licensable activity, the area within the premises used for each activity.
  • In a case where an existing licensable activity relates to the supply of alcohol, the location or locations on the premises which is or are used for consumption of alcohol.
  • Fixed structures (including furniture) or similar objects temporarily in a fixed location which may impact on the ability of individuals on the premises to use exits or escape routes without impediment.
  • The location and height of each stage or raised area relative to the floor.
  • The location of the steps, stairs elevators or lifts.
  • The location of rooms containing public conveniences.
  • The location and type of any fire safety and any other safety equipment.
  • The location of a kitchen (if any).

If you require further assistance with the premises licence application, we can help since we work with leading premises licencing companies throughout England and Wales. Call us on 01543 630 030 or send us your enquiry.