Planning & Building Regulations


Our team at UK Surveyors Ltd have been providing our clients with fully detailed designs and the preparation of the scheme and full submission to the local authority.

Planning permission is the written consent by local authority on a proposed project and it is in place to deter inappropriate developments.

Whether you are proposing the building of a new dwelling, or proposing the Change of the Use Class of a property, in most cases planning permission will be required.

Building Regulations

The UK Building Regulations are a Government set of the minimum standards that are required to be adhered to for construction projects.

The main aim of the Building Regulations is to ensure the safety and efficiency of the property with guidelines covering aspects such as Fuel and Power, Disabled Access and Thermal Properties etc.

All of the proposed works that are to be carried out must meet the relevant technical requirements as outlined within the Approved Documents.

Our main aim at UK Surveyors Ltd  is to ensure that your project meets all of the requirements required for both Planning and Building Regulations Submission.